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Attract what you want powerfully and at lightning speed.

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You’re a powerful being. You’ve achieved much success in many areas of your life, and have created joyful experiences along the way.

With everything you’ve accomplished, your heart desires more— more freedom to enjoy your life to the fullest, more love and abundance to give to those around you, and a bigger impact on the world because that’s how you roll.

We understand exactly where you’re at. Over the last decade, we have trained others to manifest more of what you want— without the hustle, grind, stress, or anxiety.

We know with every fiber of our being that if you want this badly enough, you can have it too. Imagine all of your heart’s desires showing up in your life effortlessly and joyfully!


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Manifest Day



Manifest Day

/manəˌfest - dā/


  1. a powerful workshop where you will experience a series of multi-sensory exercises to manifest the next level of your desires. You will break through your personal glass ceiling and manifest the exact life you desire now.

  2. an amazing day spent with like-minded people where you will step into your future self and become the person that attracts all the joy, freedom, and abundance into your life effortlessly.

Synonyms: manifestation workshop, vortex school, limitless training.


Imagine having all of your heart’s desires show up effortlessly into your life, and then wonder, “can it really be this easy?”


On manifest Day, you will... 

  • Get crystal clear about what you want to attract into your life. No more fog, resistance, doubt, or struggle. When you can see it clearly, the universe can match it!

  • Go beyond what you want to manifest. This is where the juice is at! Get connected to your highest excitement.

  • Gain a more powerful appreciation for what’s to come. What you appreciate, appreciates!

  • Step into your future self. No more unworthiness, anxiety, frustration, or doubt. Step into relaxation, abundance, and effortlessness!

  • See, smell, taste, touch, hear, and feel every aspect of the life you desire now. If you can see it and feel it, the universe can deliver it!

  • Learn to use your intuition to get the very best possible outcome, in every situation, every single time.

  • Open up energetically and create a powerful momentum for everything you desire to come your way.

  • Learn how to take inspired action, and watch all your success and relationships flourish organically. No more grind or hustle.

  • Become the person that attracts everything you want into your life so effortlessly and at lightning speed!


What a powerful experience this day was. I had never met most of these women, but Melissa and Wendy created such safe and peaceful space for us. So much power, creativity, and vision was created in one day that I wish I had even more time. The emotions and the dreams that were manifested were far beyond my expectations. It’s been three months since Manifest Day and I’ve tripled my income, my business is thriving, and amazing opportunities keep coming my way! I also just got engaged to the man of my dreams! Life just keeps getting better and better thanks to Manifest Day!

- Tani Rose Kageyama

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I am a mother of twins, plus a singleton, and I am in the process of taking over a family business to run by myself, in a male dominated industry. Since going to Manifest Day, I’m not worried about the future as I was before, I also focus on the positive and what will help me get to my goals, rather than focusing on what was going wrong or might go wrong. I have a deep sense of peace that I did not have before. On top of that, I have more business opportunities coming my way!

I think everyone can benefit from a Manifest Day. No matter what stage in life you are in, it’s powerful to be in a room of like-minded women who have big dreams and goals. I felt very supported by these women, most of whom I just met that day. It was a very positive, caring, nurturing environment. I was able to conquer my fears and dreams, and allowed me to move forward

- Fenella Higgins.


I’m 25 years old, and I’m in the process of advancing my career in nursing. Since coming to Manifest Day, I have so much clarity on what I want my life to look like. The things that make me happy have been more abundant in my life and it’s so exciting to be on my journey. I also feel a deeper connection with my loved ones, but mostly I feel a deeper connection with myself. I feel more in tune with my vision and everything that brings me joy. I’ve had more doors open up to expand my education which has moved me closer to goals. I’m so excited for my future!

I recommend Manifest Day to anyone who has big goals for their life. Melissa and Wendy make such an awesome team. I feel so grateful to have participated in an event that brought a bunch of women together who have similar dreams and goals.

-Ashtyn Moreno


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It’s just been booming! My phone is off the hook! So I can’t thank you enough, to Manifest Day, for helping me create this in my life and pushing me to just one level further.
— Zea Lopez LMFT & LPCC

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Meet the founders

Wendy & Melissa


Best Friends, Visionaries, and the Powerful Facilitators of Manifest Day


Wendy Amara is a highly accomplished strategic life and business coach, an inspirational speaker, a best selling co-author, an activist at heart, and a mover-and-a-shaker. She has coached hundreds of individuals over the last 8 years into achieving powerful goals in their lives. She is passionate about helping others, and making the world a better place. She has an amazing husband and three beautiful children.


Melissa Banos is a manifestation expert, a business woman, a master personal trainer, an avid reader, a dreamer, and a do-er!  She has trained and coached hundreds of individuals over the last 18 years helping them look and feel their very best from the inside-out. She is passionate about helping others create a life of freedom, joy, and good health. She has an amazing husband and two beautiful daughters.